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Wire Rope Slings

We Build Our Own Slings
We literally make wire rope slings every day. Unlike many online shops that simply outsource their slings to China, ours are built in house. We have over 100 years of combined experience with our sales staff and riggers, so you can feel comfortable that any sling we build will be done right.

Choose From Single or Multiple Leg Slings
We can build you any kind of sling you want. The most common sling is a Standard Eye & Eye Sling. We make these in a variety of wire rope diameters. Eyes are typically flemished, which means the wire rope is unlaid and braided back together before being pressed (see illustration at right). The benefit of this splice is the flemish process alone yields tremendous strength, even if the swage sleeve were to fail.

We also make slings with hardware, including thimbled eyes, sling hooks and even Sliding Choker Slings. It's worth mentioning that these slings are the ones to use for overhead lifting, and NOT Logging Chokers. If you need a multiple leg slings, we have you covered there as well. Check out the options below, or simply Contact Us to place a custom order.