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Gunnebo Johnson

Gunnebo Johnson makes one of the best and most well-known line of lifting products in the rigging industry including chain, fittings, swivels and blocks. We stock their Grade 100 hooks, couplers and master links and use them almost daily in making chain slings for overhead lifting.

Their Oval Master Links are used on all kinds of assemblies, including chain slings and wire rope slings. They are affordable, made from Grade 100 steel and generously sized to fit over most common crane hooks. We keep several sizes in stock all year long, so we can usually fill your orders quickly.

In terms of hooks, two of the most common chain hooks we sell are the EGKN Sling Hooks and the GBK Self-Closing Grip Latch Hooks. Both hooks are great for use on chain slings, but the GBK hooks have the added advantage of the interlocking hook tip and a much more durable latching system.

Last but not least is the Johnson line of snatch blocks. Along with Crosby, Johnson blocks are some of the most sought-after USA-made blocks on the market. Available in both Hook Style and Shackle Style, we offer these blocks with up to an 8" sheave and a 12 Ton Working Load Limit. Using only high-quality steel, Johnson snatch blocks stand up well to common field use. They are ideal in high-load, intermittent applications when strength and performance are critical. Equipped with bronze bushings.