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One of the Biggest Chain Companies in the World!
Peerless is really known, at its core, to be a leading chain company in US and international markets. They have a wide selection of both domestically produced and imported chain and fittings. In fact, Peerless even manufactures privately for some of the top brands in the market. We have been dealing with Peerless for years, and we have many of their chains in stock.

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QuikBinders and Chains
For tie down, one of the most popular binders we offer is the Peerless QuikBinder PLUS, offered in three different sizes. This binder is unique with its folding handle design, which allows the handle to be locked to the binder chain itself using a long-shank padlock. The QuikBinder PLUS is also easier to install than standard ratchet binders. The 3-position pawl offers the user a choice of ratchet extension, ratchet take-up or a “free spin” setting for fast adjustment in either direction. A load can be secured in half the time. And of course, we recommend you pair the binder with a high-quality, domestic chain from Peerless as well.

Hex Security Chain
Peerless makes its own line of Hex Security Chain, which is unique in the market. The hex design makes it virtually impossible for bolt cutters to get a good bite on the chain, and it is thru-hardened, meaning the core is just as hard as the surface. It also has a blue, rust-resistant finish and can be ordered in a kit with a high-security padlock.