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Chicago Hardware

An American Company with American-made Products!
Since 1912, the Chicago Hardware & Fixture Company has been manufacturing domestic wire rope and chain fittings, industrial and marine hardware and allied products. Most of their products are made in the U.S.A. They're not the biggest brand in the rigging business these days, but they're one of the oldest, and still one of the best.

Wide Selection of Eye Bolts
Chicago has one of the most diverse offerings available when it comes to Eye Bolts. While most of their eye bolts are forged, they do offer Light-Duty Turned Eye Bolts for non-critical applications. But most of our customers prefer heavy-duty products, and Chicago's Regular Forged Eye Bolts fit the bill. They offer more sizes than any other manufacturer and are a great option, especially when other popular brands are not in stock. Also popular, especially with arborist customers, are their Shoulder Screw Eye Bolts, which are meant to thread directly into wood. They are heavy-duty and great for tree bracing, available in sizes from 1/4" - 1".

A Great Source for Domestic Turnbuckles
Chicago also has a great selection of turnbuckles. Similar to eye bolts, they make Light-Duty Aluminum Body Turnbuckles for simple, non-critical applications. But for bigger jobs, it's best to go with forged products, and Chicago does not disappoint when it comes to selection. For example, their Forged Jaw & Jaw Turnbuckles compete very well against other big brands, offering essentially the same strength ratings at much lower prices.