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Not everyone is familiar with Skookum like they are, for example, Crosby. But for those that have used Skookum products, they know they are amongst the toughest rigging products available. For example, Skookum's line of #263 Screw Pin Shackles is a favorite with logging and construction customers. The Working Load Limits are way higher than what you find on common shackles, and they tend to withstand more abuse (we strongly advise our customers not to shock load their rigging, but hey, we know it happens out there in the field). Skookum is also the #1 choice when it comes to Sheet Pile Shackles. They offer standard sizes and even a larger Ground Release Shackle.

Aside from shackles, Skookum (under the same umbrella as Ropemaster and part of the Ulven Companies) is well-known for their premium blocks. Here in the Pacific Northwest, their logging blocks are big movers--especially their R-6 Wide Throat Rigging Block. But they make a full line of blocks for all industries too, including a full line of marine blocks.

Plus, their foundry is only about 25 minutes from our shop, so we can get our hands on their products very quickly when we need to.