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When looking for Crosby Rigging Supplies, look no further than Westech Rigging Supply! There are many companies that sell Crosby rigging products, but we’re an authorized distributor of Crosby rigging supplies. We place orders with Crosby on a daily basis, which means we have a constant stream of inventory that is in-stock and ready-to-ship. We work directly with Crosby and their vast inventory to ensure you have the products you need as soon as possible.

At Westech Rigging you’ll find a large selection of Crosby Shackles, including best-selling Crosby G-209 Screw Pin Shackles, which are staples in the rigging community. Each shackle is fatigue rated, which means it can be used time and time again without failure!

We also have a large selection of Crosby Swivel Hoist Rings, turnbuckles, hooks, latch kits, eye bolts and of course the famous G-450 Wire Rope Clips! If you’re looking for the highest quality Crosby rigging supplies, look to Westech Rigging Supply for our vast selection and easy cataloging system. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call our customer service team at 800-442-7454.