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Overhaul Balls

What Are Overhaul Balls?
We understand that if you're in the market for an overhaul ball, then you probably know what they are and how they are used. But just in case, let us help. Overhaul balls are used to add weight to a crane line. This is important because crane lines need to be kept taught so they don't have spooling issues, or twisting issues that can cause irreparable damage to the crane line. They vary in design and size, with simple Split Balls, non-swiveling balls, top-swiveling balls and even Angular Contact Bearing Swivel Balls.

Which Kind to Use
Split balls are small and used typically on small mechanic crane trucks, or even in shop environments. They call them split balls because they are truly split down the middle, and you install them by bolting them onto the line.

Perhaps more common are the larger non-swiveling and top-swiveling varieties. We offer them in capacities from 4 - 30 tons to fit a wide range of wire rope. The top-swiveling type ensures the ball (and load) remains stationary if the wire rope starts to spin.

The AS-15 series is a slick, low headroom option that incorporates a zinc plating for corrosion resistance. The angular contact bearings are extremely durable and help to preserve the life of your wire rope by introducing less torque into the line.