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Security Chain

All the Best Brands--Including Pewag!
Security chain is a rapidly expanding market for us, but we've actually been selling it for years. The first security chain we ever offered is Pewag's 3/8" (10mm) #11696. If you look in our database, the part number is over 20 years old! But in the past couple years, thanks to favorable customer reviews and expert opinion, Pewag has risen to the top as "the brand" in security chain. They now offer a smaller option, 9/32" (7mm) #14827, and a larger version, 1/2" (12mm) #56847. Additionally, they offer their 1/2" 3012 Traction Chain, which has somewhat of a cult following, and is regarded by many to still be the best option. To top it off, Pewag partnered with Viro, a premium padlock manufacturer in Italy. They now offer a solid, high-quality padlock to go with each chain they offer.

Other Brands and Options
We also offer different brands of both security chain and padlocks, including Peerless and Laclede (and one other brand coming soon!). Peerless has a unique offering with their 7/16" Hex Blue Anti-Theft Chain, which is easy to identify due to its shiny blue finish (rust-resistant) and hexagonal shape, which is very tough on bolt cutters. Laclede's chain looks similar to Pewag's offerings, with one important difference--Laclede's chain is thru-hardened, not case-hardened. Laclede offers it in a 3/8" (10mm) size and also a larger 1/2" (13mm) size. Peerless and Laclede both offer their own padlocks, and Laclede has a keyed alike option if you wish to purchase multiple sets of chains and locks that all open with one key.

The Choice is Yours
Experts will disagree about which type or brand of security chain is better, but we feel no matter which chain you rank #1, all of the chains we offer here are tough, made from high-quality materials and by world-class chain manufacturers. They are all exceedingly difficult, or impossible, to cut with bolt cutters.

And remember that a good security chain is only as good as the lock it's paired with, so to that end, buy a high-quality lock! One bonus of buying your chain and padlock from us at Westech Rigging Supply is that we offer many different chain and lock combinations, in lengths from 2-20 ft. When buying a kit, you'll get a 10% discount right up front!*

*Kits with Abus padlocks are discounted 7%.