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Carabiners & Snap Hooks

Plenty of Carabiners & Snap Hooks to Choose From
Whether you're looking for a steel carabiner, an aluminum carabiner, an accessory carabiner or a snap hook, we have you covered. We deal with some of the best, well-respected manufacturers in the business, including Rock Exotica, Petzl, FallTech, US Rigging and others.

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Popular Models
When it comes to aluminum carabiners, we sell a lot of the USR-14-ATL Carabiner from US Rigging. This carabiner has an auto-locking gate, is lightweight and costs about $20. We pair it up with a rope grab for use in several of our Flipline Kits. Another great option is the Rock Exotica Pirate Carabiner which has a triple-locking gate, with an HMS shape that works very will with rope grabs and D-rings. The same carabiner is also available with a retention wire, #C1 WEA.

For steel carabiners, we find FallTech to offer some of the best values. Their #8445 Small Carabiner is a great size for most of our customers. Small enough to fit easily in the palm of your hand but big enough to allow for most common connections. Or, go up one step in size and check out the #8450 Medium Carabiner which is slightly larger and has a 1-1/8" gate opening.

NOTE: Carabiners labeled as "accessory" carabiners are not rated for climbing and should not be used for life support or any critical applications.