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We sell all kinds of lanyards into various industries. Because our product line is thorough and diverse, we've put all of our lanyards on one page so you can browse and see the full breadth of our offerings (except Steel Core Fliplines, which have their own page). Whether you're tower climbing, tree climbing, or working a job that requires simpler fall protection, we have a lanyard to suit you.

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Our best-selling shock-absorbing lanyard is the FallTech 8240. It's a standard 6 ft lanyard that stretches with you and has an integral shock absorber. It is also available with a large rebar hook (the 82403), and in Y-leg versions for 100% tie-off.

For positioning, we have several adjustable rope lanyards, but none are more popular than the Petzl Grillon Lanyard (available in four popular lengths). A similar product and a totally new entry is the FallTech TowerClimber Lanyard, also available in multiple lengths. It is an adjustable rope lanyard like the Grillon, yet has its own adjusting device and looks very promising! Good things on the horizon with FallTech, that's for sure.