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Self Retracting Lifelines

SRL's Work Like Seat Belts
Self Retracting Lifelines (SRL’s) are designed to immediately stop movement once a certain rate of speed is reached. This makes an SRL very different from your typical Shock Absorbing Lanyard. Because each application is different, SRL's can be had with either steel cable or webbing, and come in a variety of lengths.

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Popular Models
For basic indoor use, the FallTech 7276WR 20 ft Web SRL comes at a good price, and features ultra-durable Dyneema webbing. We have also found that for many jobs, 20 ft of reach is enough, so this unit keeps both the price and bulk down. But for outdoor use, it's better to go with cable. The FallTech 727630 30 ft Cable SRL is a great choice and one of our best-selling units. It is tough, but in the event you wear it out, you can have it serviced and recertified. But if you want a truly durable unit that really holds up well to the elements, then it's hard to beat the DBI-SALA 3400800 Sealed-Blok SRL, which is designed to keep the critical working components (brake, power spring, energy absorber) free of dirt, grease, water and chemicals.