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Fall Protection

Full Body Harnesses
Whether you're shopping on a budget for something simple, or you're the kind of worker that makes a living in your harness and you only want the best, we've got you covered. For example, the FallTech Contractor+ #7016B Harness is priced very well yet gives you 5-point adjustability for a customized fit. If you need more D-Rings and a belt for construction work, then check out the FallTech Contractor+ #7073B Harness or the Protecta PRO #1161309 Harness. But if you want something more comfortable and with all the bells and whistles, it's hard to beat the FallTech Advanced ComforTech Gel #7081B Harness--premium padding, fully adjustable and a pleasure to wear. But, some would argue that the new DBI-SALA ExoFit NEX Construction Harness is simply the best of breed--the most innovative, easy-to-fit and undeniably cool!

We offer a wide selection of lanyards, from basic to advanced, shock-absorbing or positioning, etc. If you need a "standard" 6 ft lanyard, we recommend you look no further than the FallTech #8240, which comes with standard snap hooks. If you need a large hook on one end, check out the FallTech #82403--or if you need a Y-leg lanyard for 100% tie-off, check out the FallTech #8240Y3.

Anchors, SRL's, Lifelines & More
Beyond standard products like harnesses and lanyards, we carry a full line of anchors, self retracting lifelines, horizontal lifelines and more. Please browse the categories below to see all of our offerings.