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Hoists & Pullers

Choosing a Comealong / Puller
We only carry high-quality pulling tools because we know our professional customer base will put them to work right away. For example, the #144S-6 1 Ton Cable Puller is a staple product. A high-quality, U.S.A. made puller that is affordable and durable. We have sold a ton of these over the years and it's the #1 choice for our local customer base when they need a simple, sturdy pulling tool. If you need more capacity, then check out the #3-35-A-SLT 3 Ton Rope Puller. It's a big, heavy-duty puller that utilizes ultra-strong and ultra-lightweight AmSteel Blue rope. This keeps the weight down and also helps to avoid injury (the rope is much safer when and if it breaks). This heavy-duty, cast steel puller is rated for up to 6,000 lbs lifting or 12,000 lbs pulling (when rigged double line).

Lever Chain Hoists
We proudly stock and distribute the LA Series By AMH. We truly feel these hoists are best of breed when it comes to what you get for your money. We're talking about high-quality U.S.A. load chain, and final assembly and inspection being done in the U.S.A. also. These hoists operate very smoothly, in part because their horseshoe chain guard allows operation in ANY orientation (horizontal and vertical). They have very clear labeling in both US and Metric ratings too.

Other Types of Hoists & Pullers
We really don't have enough space to list all of the great pulling tools we offer, so we'll try to keep this short. For true hoisting, you might need an actual crane. Check out our full line of Thern Davit Cranes. Made in the U.S.A., plenty of models and options to choose from. This is THE brand of davit crane for most marine and wastewater applications. For motorized pulling, the Simpson Gas Powered Capstan Winch is truly a best seller. This winch just pulls and pulls, seemingly well beyond its stated capacities (but always obey the Working Load Limits). Additionally, because this unit doesn't store rope or cable on the drum, you can pull virtually and unlimited distance, which is one reason this hoist is so popular for both hunters and tower riggers. Last but not least are the Little Mule Lineman's Strap Hoists. These are a purpose-built product, designed specifically for linemen using synthetic materials to minimize risk of electrocution. Choose from five different sizes, with special hooks and options available.

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