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Logging Supplies

Full Line Rigging Shop for Loggers - Since 1952!
We deal with full time professional loggers every day, because the timber industry is still huge here in the Pacific Northwest. We keep all the common types and sizes of wire rope in stock all year long. This includes Standard 6x19 Choker Cable and even High Performance Swaged or Maximum Strength Impact Swaged. Because we're a full line rigging shop, we fill all types of orders for short or long lengths of cable, and custom-made assemblies. We have all the right equipment to product top-quality rigging you can count on.

All Kinds of Logging Chokers
We build our chokers in house, we don't buy them as a mass produced commodity from some factory in China. We build them every single day, and it's been that way for over 60 years. No matter what kind of Logging Choker you need, we can take care of you. We offer all sizes and types, including Cat Chokers, Ring Chokers, Skidding Chokers and Chain Chokers. We also offer hardware components like choker hooks, sliders and links.

Blocks, Shackles and More Logging Gear
As a premier supplier to the logging industry, we carry all the other gear you might be looking for. This includes Logging Blocks in a variety of sizes and styles. In addition to Common Rigging Shackles, we also offer specialty Logging Hardware (like cat hooks, buzzard hooks and more). And for replacing the nub on your cable in the field, our Wedge-Type Quick Ferrules are a big hit.