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Nylon & Polyester Slings

Synthetic lifting slings (aka web slings) are one of the most common rigging items we sell. Because they are so popular, we inventory large quantities of both flat and round slings, hardware slings, tow straps and related fittings, such as specialty web sling shackles. Synthetic slings are are a favorite for many riggers because they are strong and lightweight, two very key characteristics. Wire rope and chain slings certainly have their place, but when possible, you can save your back by grabbing a lightweight web sling that is plenty strong to make the pick.

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Eye & Eye Slings
You can order slings with an eye on each end in both the traditional flat webbing style, or in a round sling style. Slings made from flat webbing with an eye on each end are by far the most popular type of sling we sell, mainly because customers are so familiar with them. They know that the wider and thicker the sling, the stronger it is. Eyes on each end of the sling make for dedicated pick points, which is easy for even unexperienced crew members to understand. But the same concept carries over to round slings as well. The body is sewn together with a protective cover, forming eyes on each end. Round slings are color-coded for strength too, so it makes it easy to identify the sling's strength when the crew is trying to find the right sling for the job.

Endless Slings
The opposite is true for endless slings--the flat webbing variety are not nearly as popular as common round slings, which makes sense. Round slings are color-coded for strength and the colored webbing you see and touch is really there just to protect the internal load-bearing fibers. Endless flat slings are strong, but not quite as nimble as round slings, and are not color-coded for strength. Both styles have their place, and both can be used in all the typical hitches, including vertical, choker and basket, just like an eye & eye sling. And for those looking for a really high-strength endless sling that is also lightweight, check out the Keyflex Aramid Round Slings from Lift-All. They're available in a ton of different length and capacities, up to 200,000 lbs Vertical WLL!