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Nylon & Polyester Slings


Nylon and polyester slings (aka web slings) are one of the most common rigging items we sell. Because they are so popular, we inventory large quantities of both flat and round slings. They are a favorite for many riggers because they are strong and lightweight...two very key characteristics. Wire rope and chain slings certainly have their place, but when possible, you can save your back by grabbing a lightweight web sling that is more than rated to make the pick. For example, one of our 2 Ply 2" Twisted Eye Slings (our most popular size) can safely lift up to 6,400 lbs in a vertical pick. And, at 20 ft in length, it only weighs about 5 lbs. That means one guy on the crew can carry an armload of these slings around the jobsite. Light, strong and versatile...web slings are tough to beat!

If you need to rig up your web slings, keep in mind that specific hardware is available to help you get the most out of your slings. Crosby Sling Saver Fittings have specific properties (such as improved surface area contact) that make them ideal for use with web slings. Crosby has engineered special hooks, couplers and shackles to help you make the safest, most efficient connection possible.

Larger sizes, different lengths and slings with hardware are available, so please Contact Us for a custom quote.