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Pewag 3/8" (10mm) Galvanized Square Security Chain - #13620

Pewag 3/8" (10mm) Galvanized Square Security Chain - #13620Pewag 3/8" (10mm) Galvanized Square Security Chain - #13620Pewag 3/8" (10mm) Galvanized Square Security Chain - #13620Pewag 3/8" (10mm) Galvanized Square Security Chain - #13620
SKU: PW-13620MPN: 13620
Linear Feet:
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1 - 49$11.95-
50 + $11.127%
  • USUALLY SHIPS: 1 - 2 Days
  • Made in Austria
  • This item is not returnable.
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Product Description

What Kind Of Chain Is This?
This is Pewag's original design for security chain, and many consider it to be the perfect size. It is smaller than the 1/2" (12mm) security chain we offer, yet it is large enough to be a great theft deterrent and it feels solid in your hand. It has a surface hardness of 62 HRC Min. which is what makes it so tough to cut (check out our Video tab). Prior to Pewag's 3012 chain gaining in popularity, this was the #1 security chain we sold.

How Is This Chain Different From The 3012 Chain?
For starters, the 3012 chain is no longer available. It is actually a traction chain that was not originally designed for security with a plain finish that was vulnerable to surface rust. The 3012 chain is also bigger at 12mm in diameter. While this chain is hardened 10% deep, the 3012 chain is hardened 6% deep. From a cosmetic perspective, this chain is silver while the 3012 chain is black.

  • Square, case-hardened links
  • Cannot be cut with bolt cutters…square link shape does not allow bolt cutters to get a proper bite, which prevents them from cutting the chain
  • Requires tremendous effort to cut, a great theft deterrent
  • Electro-galvanized finish for corrosion protection
  • Chain Hardness: 62 HRC Min.
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* Dimensional data provided here is nominal and subject to change without notice.


Chain Diameter
Length (ft)
Per Foot
Breaking Strength (lbs)
17,985 (80 kN)
Overall Length
Overall Width
Inside Length
Inside Width
Weight / ft (lbs)

Questions & Answers

19 Questions & 23 Answers
from Florida, US asked:
October 10, 2021
I have a set of Abus 88/40 padlocks. Am I wrong to expect this can connect a Pewag 10 or 12mm square chain, either two end links, or one end link to one middle link?  I'd probably use the 10mm. since the lock shackle itself is 9mm.  Thank you for importing Pewag to the States!
1 Answer
I'm sorry but that is not a lock we carry, so we can't do a test fit.  You'll have to base your decision on the lock specs compared to the chain specs (1.38" x 0.54" inside dimensions, approximate, for #13620).
Submitted by: WRS on October 10, 2021

from Albany, NY asked:
October 4, 2021
Do you offer a lock that will fit one end link and and one middle link on the Pewag 3/8" chain?

from USA asked:
August 28, 2021
Will this 3/8" Pewag chain plus sheath fit through a grommet with a 1-9/16" inch inside diameter?
1 Answer
It should, yes.  The chain itself is about 1.36" wide, and the sheath is relatively thin.  There could be some bunching and you may need to work it through the hole, but it should work.
Submitted by: WRS on August 29, 2021

from Dallas, TX asked:
August 23, 2021
Can you tell me the minimum diameter that you can snake this chain thru?  I am concerned that it wont fit thru the slots in the rim of my trailer.
1 Answer
The chain is about 1.36" in overall width.
Submitted by: WRS on August 24, 2021

from Indianapolis, IN asked:
April 4, 2021
Will this 10 mm chain work with an Abus 20/70 Diskus lock?
1 Answer
Unfortunately no, the lock is just a bit too small, but the 20/80 fits perfectly.
Submitted by: WRS on April 8, 2021

from Burlington, NC asked:
April 1, 2021
Will 2 links of this 3/8" chain fit in a Stanley S828-152 Padlock to lock up a UTV?

from New York asked:
February 28, 2021
How does this chain survive a marine environment, with much exposure to salt water?  And does the chafe sleeve add any protection here?
1 Answer
We do not have any hard data to give you a specific timeframe, but we can tell you that we have customers using this chain in marine environments and so far, so good.  That said, we would expect surface rust to form after a period of time since the chain is galvanized, but not stainless.  The chafe sleeve is really about protecting whatever you're securing from being scratched/damaged by the chain itself, and we wouldn't expect it to make the chain more resistant to corrosion, although it may help a little.
Submitted by: WRS on March 3, 2021

from Pennsylvania asked:
September 6, 2020
Can I fit an Abus 540 U-Lock through the end links of this Pewag 10mm chain?
1 Answer
Unfortunately that is not a lock we have on hand to do a test fit.  The Abus website says the shackle is 33/64" which is about 0.516", and the Pewag 13620 chain has an inside width of about 0.54".  Based on these specs we think it should work but again, we cannot do a test fit.
Submitted by: WRS on September 7, 2020

from Connecticut asked:
September 1, 2020
Will the 3/8" Pewag chain accept the Abus Granit 37/55 on a mid link and end link?
1 Answer
Unfortunately the 37/55 is not a lock that we stock, so we cannot do a test fit for you.
Submitted by: WRS on September 2, 2020

from Punta Gorda, FL asked:
June 4, 2020
What is the strongest lock that will fit through the links?
1 Answer
If you're using the end links, the Viro 4126 is considered by most to be the best choice for use with this chain.


Submitted by: WRS on June 8, 2020

from Vero Beach, FL asked:
June 12, 2019
My locking solution requires that I pass a padlock through both an end link & a middle link. What padlocks do you offer that can achieve this with Pewag 3/8 chain?
3 Answers
One of the best options is the Abus Granit 37/70, its design allows for much more flexibility in this regard.
Submitted by: WRS on June 12, 2019


With Pewag's new chain specs, the inside link width on the 10mm chain is narrower, and appears to no longer fit the 37/70 padlock.

Submitted by: WRS on November 21, 2019
I use a Sargent & Greenleaf 826C padlock which has a 1/2 inch (13mm) shackle and am able to do that so 13mm seems to be the largest that will fit in one of the center links for the Pewag 3/8''. This size shackle is rather rare however.
Submitted by: Joe on January 9, 2020 from Phoenix, AZ

from Tucson, AZ asked:
June 12, 2019
Will the Viro Panzer lock fit 2 middle links of the Pewag 3/8" chain?
1 Answer

Unfortunately no.  It is close, but a mid-link will not fit due to the tight individual pockets on this padlock.  This and other Q&A responses can be found on the separate page for the padlock.

Submitted by: WRS on June 12, 2019

from Lafayette, LA asked:
June 5, 2019
Will the Abus 37/80 fit both end links at the same time in the shackle?
2 Answers

Both the Abus and Pewag 10mm chain will fit the Abus 37/80 lock at the end links, but not in a middle link.

Submitted by: WRS on June 6, 2019


With Pewag's new chain specs, the inside link width on the 10mm chain is narrower, and appears to no longer fit the 37/80 padlock.

Submitted by: WRS on November 20, 2019

from SoCal asked:
February 11, 2019
Do you sell  just the chafe sleeves by themselves?  And if so, do you have any that read PEWAG along the sleeve?  If not, I would still be interested in your solid black sleeves.
1 Answer
Yes, we offer both plain black and Pewag branded chafe sleeve at this link.
Submitted by: WRS on February 12, 2019

from Florida asked:
October 12, 2018
Are the Abus and Pewag 3/8" security chains the same? Are both manufactured by Pewag?
1 Answer
No, Abus and Pewag are two completely different companies, similar to Ford and Chevy. Pewag is the more popular brand, but on paper, both chains have similar specs.
Submitted by: WRS on October 12, 2018

from Trento asked:
May 30, 2018
Will this chain accommodate Abloy P362's shackle?
3 Answers
That is not a padlock we offer or that we are familiar with. We can tell you the inside dimensions of this chain are approximately 1.51"L x 0.63"W.
Submitted by: WRS on May 30, 2018


Please keep an eye on the specifications tab for each chain size (unique on each item page), as the dimensional specs of this chain have changed slightly, and may change again without notice.  We will continue to monitor for any changes from the factory and keep our site as current as possible.  For most users, the dimensional changes are negligible, but for some it could be the difference between their padlock of choice fitting or not.

Submitted by: WRS on November 20, 2019
Submitted by: Me on October 10, 2019 from CA

from NSW, Australia asked:
April 20, 2018
Do you ship this product to Australia? And if so, how much would shipping cost for 6ft of chain? I can't find it from any reputable dealer in Australia.
1 Answer
Yes, we do ship internationally. For 6ft of this chain, it will be approximately $100 via Priority Mail. Stock is very limited on this chain at present, and it's on pre-order status. It's possible we have a 6ft piece, but please call us @ 503-399-7037 to confirm and/or place your order.
Submitted by: WRS on April 20, 2018

from Oklahoma asked:
March 11, 2018
Will the end links, lock / fit secure on my "Abloy 342" padlock?
1 Answer
As we are not an Abloy dealer, we do not have that lock to test fit. Perhaps another customer will add an answer to your question.
Submitted by: Westech Rigging Supply on March 12, 2018

from North Olmsted, OH asked:
December 26, 2017
I've read that you can fit two links of 10mm chain in the Abus 37/80 lock and the dimensions seem to confirm. If you have a 37/80 laying around can you confirm that it will take not just two end links, but one end link and one middle link?
2 Answers
Both the Abus and Pewag 10mm chain will fit the Abus 37/80 lock at the end links, but not in a middle link.
Submitted by: Westech Rigging Supply on December 26, 2017


With Pewag's new chain specs, the inside link width on the 10mm chain is narrower, and appears to no longer fit the 37/80 padlock.

Submitted by: WRS on November 20, 2019

Product Reviews

29 Reviews
86% (25)
14% (4)
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0% (0)
79% Recommend this product (23 of 29 responses)
New York, NY
The Best Chain for Locking up Bikes
September 9, 2020
I needed a new chain to use as my bike lock in Manhattan. I wanted the strongest possible chain I could find at a reasonable price. After days of research and comparison shopping, the Pewag chain consistently came out on top (though the Laclede also seems comparable).

This size chain is the perfect balance of weight and security. Its hardness rating makes it effectively undefeatable by bolt cutters, meaning a thief will either have to use an angle grinder or defeat your lock instead. The links, while smaller than the 1/2" size, are sufficiently beefy to serve as a visual deterrent (while, again, being tough enough to withstand any bolt cutter attack). And the galvanized surface means it won't leave rust stains on your hands or clothes.

All for the same (if not lower) price than a Kryptonite chain!

And in case you're particular about chain length, I was able to get my chain cut to 3-1/2 feet rather than the 1ft increments implied by the website. So if you don't want a lot of extra length on your chain, I suggest getting in touch to see how they can accommodate you. Westech was very helpful in getting this done for me.

All said, I'm extremely pleased with my purchase. I feel like I just bought my bike a decade's worth of security at a great price. Thanks Westech!

Merchant Response:Great review, thank you! And yes, we do cut the chain to length as requested, all day every day.
  • Extremely durable
  • Weather resistant
  • Customizable
  • Well-priced
  • Possibly heavy, if you're not used to carrying a high-security chain around
By William
Seattle, WA
Perfect Bike Security Chain
November 12, 2021
Perfect fit high security chain for bicycle and other security, matched with ABUS shackle guard 83 series lock. About $120 for chain and lock, other bike locks are $200 for same level security. ABUS lock can be keyed to house key, I have enough different keys makes this combo easy, highly secure and reasonable price.
  • Pewag high security, bolt cutter resistant. Shipped quickly and arrived in a couple days, Oregon to Seattle delivery.
  • Heavier than cable, but that's real security for you. You get what you pay for.
By Paul
Tough Stuff
October 23, 2021
Many galvanized products are uneven and have burrs from dipping, this chain has good even coating and nice finish, quality product, I don't think any normal bolt cutters getting through this.
  • Strong
  • Heavy (duh! it's chain! : )
By C T.
Houston, TX
Pricey but good looking
July 9, 2021
I like the silvery finish. At $12/ft (and this is about the market value wherever you shop) this Pewag chain is surely pricey. Why did I purchase this product? Because after watching the Walmart and Home Depot chains got cut less than 10 seconds on YouTube, I've decided that spending money on those chains is a waste of money. If my valuables got stolen, it's not only costly to replace the stolen parts, but there're the stress and anger from being ripped off. I'd rather pay for a top notch security chain for a peace of mind. Pewag chains are known for their hardness. Barring any kind of error during the hardening process, it should be next to impossible to hand cut. The only way to truly check the hardness or the strength of my chain is to subject it to destructive testing, which I am not going to do, but I do feel better now that my generator is not going to walk away if I leave it outside. :)
By Tim
Whitsett, NC
Great product
April 26, 2021
I feel a lot better knowing my mower and UTV are locked up with this chain.
By Neil
Eye Opening
February 26, 2021
If this chain doesn't deter crime, I don't know what will. It's well constructed and makes a bold statement all on its own. It's held up exceptionally well to the elements after 9 months. Westech Rigging also has superb customer service which is not that common in today's society.
  • Heavy
  • Quality
  • None
By Jeff
E. Texas
Pewag 3/8"
December 3, 2020
Fantastic chain, heavy and sturdy,
By Crashing T.
Orange, CA
Its Shiny and Loud. Great Deterrent
October 29, 2020
So....Maybe not your typical use, but I had some specialty bicycles stolen from my garage that made a huge dent in my wallet. I drilled a hole through the galvanized pipe that is filled with cement and set in garage concrete to stop a car from hitting the water heater. This chain extends through several "On Guard" U Locks. Nothing is theft proof, but those thieves are going to have to really want the next bikes I purchase.
By Lee
Pewag Chain
October 15, 2020
Works great for securing motorcycle and trailer to truck!
By Ran
Columbia MO
Chain is Quality Product
October 11, 2020
Heavy duty burglary proof construction.
  • Material of the highest quality.
  • None.
By Reiss
Extremely Strong Chain
September 16, 2020
Nice chain and nice sleeve. 10/10 everything.
By Martin
Ellicott City
Good Quality
September 2, 2020
Perfect quality, good prices, quick shipping.
  • See above
  • None.
By Brian
Nice Security Chain
June 29, 2020
Super happy with this chain - provides much more peace of mind when you need to secure something. I have to think that most would-be thieves wouldn't bother with the effort required or the attention it would create to try and defeat this chain.
  • Heavy duty. Proven difficult to defeat - can't cut with bolt cutters, lots of work/noise with an angle grinder, would draw attention to a thief -- I went with the Pewag after being impressed by several YouTube videos on it as compared to others.
  • Heavy - but this is what you expect when you go this route. It is very difficult to install the sleeve -- I had to use fish tape and a helper, can't pull a link through another.
By Jill
January 12, 2020
This chain is a beast.
  • Squared corners, super strong, nice sleeve covering.
  • Some chains are built to allow one link to slip through the end. Would be nice.
By Daniel A.
Waco, TX
Pewag 3/8" Galvanized Square Security Chain
December 19, 2019
I purchased this to use in conjunction with an ABUS 37/80 padlock. While on the website, I read a question that was answered by the company where someone asked if that particular lock would work with this chain, the answer was yes.

When I received my chain, the shackle of the lock would not quite fit inside the links of chain (the end links).

I tried everything I had at my disposal including a file and a sledgehammer with a steel pry bar in an attempt to open the end links up just a bit more to fit the lock but this chain laughed at my attempts.

Luckily there is a blacksmith just a short drive away. I took the chain to him and he had the proper tools to hold the chain while keeping his hands clear, and a much bigger sledgehammer than I did. He hit the two end links in the vertical direction until the shackle of the lock would pass through them.

He was a little curious as to what kind of chain this was and said he did not expect it to take this much force to open the links up. This was a much harder steel than he had seen before.

I was a bit disappointed that the lock mentioned to work with this chain did not fit without a slight modification, however I can definitely agree that this chain is extremely durable.

The chain arrived quickly and the sleeve that I ordered with it was a perfect fit. Overall, despite having to have a little work done to it and that costing me some additional money, I am very satisfied with this chain. I have much more piece of mind knowing that my equipment is secure using this chain as opposed to something from Home Depot.
Merchant Response:Thank you for the thorough review Daniel! Please note that back on November 20th, we posted updates to the Q&A section notifying our customers that Pewag changed the inside dimensions of their chain just enough that the 3/8" no longer fits the Abus 37/80 padlock.
  • Super strong
  • Great customer service
  • Fast delivery
  • Chain sleeve available if needed
  • Cannot be cut with bolt cutters
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • High price
  • Did not fit the lock it was said to fit without modification



Safety Notice

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