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Rigging Devices

What Are Rigging Devices?
This page is dedicated to those rigging products we sell that are more than just hardware. These items have a mechanical function to them, or they are larger and more complex that just a shackle or hook. For example, we sell a ton of Lifting Clamps. While we offer many styles, none sell better than the Crosby IPU10 Universal Plate Clamps. With a hinged eye, these clamps work great for handling steel plate from horizontal to vertical, and back to horizontal. We offer a ton of other clamps too, such as horizontal, beam and pipe clamps. Be sure to check out the full selection.

Other Hot Products
The ADB Fast-Lok Road Plate System is a really popular product. It makes handling and hoisting steel plates as easy as can be. Installation is a snap, and replacement parts are readily available. The Meadow Burke Rapid Lift Ring Clutches are really a similar product in terms of what they offer, which is easy, simplified handling of material. They are designed for lifting precast concrete products, not steel plates, but they make your job easier all the same.

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