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General Purpose Hooks
For general rigging and hoisting applications, a general rigging hook is really the way to go. These hooks are best-suited for use with wire rope slings and synthetic web slings, or attached to winch lines. Popular models include the Crosby L-320AN Sling Hook and the Pewag Grade 80 ELD Alloy Swivel Hook, which makes load positioning and rig-up easier because the eye swivels and allows for easier connections (it is not designed to rotate under load).

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Grade 80 & 100 Chain Hooks
We build chain slings each and every day, and most of them have some kind of chain hook attached. When it comes to chain slings, you need hooks that are properly rated and OSHA-compliant--and you've come to the right place. Some of the best-selling hook models are the Cartec Grade 100 Clevis Grab Hooks and the Gunnebo GBK Self-Closing Grip Latch Hooks. Grab hooks are extremely versatile. They are used as a primary connection point both for chain slings and on tie down chains. Additionally, they are used as adjusters to make chain slings legs shorter and thus balance a load prior to lifting. Safety hooks, such as the GBK model, are great for a variety of reason. 1) The latch opens outward which results in a larger throat opening 2) The latch is beefier and less prone to failure, 3) The latch closes automatically once a load is applied and 4) The latch is operated by thumb via a "trigger" on the back side of the hook. Safety hooks are essentially replacing traditional sling hooks with "flipper" latches.

Hooks for Cargo Control
When hauling loads, it's important to use hooks rated for such a purpose--not just any cheap hook will do. We carry a large variety of Grade 70 tie down hooks that are meant to work specifically with Grade 70 Chain. For example, we stock and sell a lot of clevis grab hooks, primarily in the 5/16" and 3/8" sizes. We also have a nice selection of specialty J hooks and chain bridles specifically for the towing and hauling industries.

Browse through each category below and you will be both surprised and impressed by the wide selection of rigging hooks we have to offer. We pride ourselves on not just offering a lot of options, but rather the right options.