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All the Best Shackle Brands, Types and Prices!
We are a real rigging company, and we've been selling shackles for decades. We have hundreds, if not thousands in stock. This kind of hands-on expertise means we understand how our customers shop for shackles, and we've built this page using that knowledge.

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to narrow down the list of options and find the shackle that is just right for you. Shop by brand, Working Load Limit, pin diameter, etc. All of these metrics are important when trying to choose the right shackle for a lift.

Our Most Popular Shackles
The most popular style of shackle is the anchor shackle, which has a bell-shaped curve to it, and the most common type of pin for this shackle is the screw pin, which simply threads into the shackle. Of all the shackles that fit this description, there is none more popular than the Crosby G-209 Screw Pin Anchor Shackles. It is the most immediately recognized shackle around the world, and has a reputation for consistent performance in the field. This shackle is also available as a "safety shackle" with a bolt and nut, known as the Crosby G-2130 Bolt Type Anchor Shackle.

Other Popular Shackles
If you need a shackle with an above average Working Load Limit, then check out the CM Super Strong Screw Pin Anchor Shackles. They are very similar to the Crosby G-209 Shackles mentioned above, but with higher load ratings. Or, if you need the ultimate strength in a shackle, check out the Skookum #263 Alloy Screw Pin Anchor Shackles--they have load ratings that are unmatched by others.