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Hoist Rings

Hundreds of Hoist Rings to Choose From
There are many styles, and brands, when it comes to hoist rings. On this page alone we offer hundreds of options, all of which serve perfectly in the right application.

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to make selections and narrow down the list of suitable hoist rings for your project. If you need a basic hoist ring, then choose one of our "Standard" options from the list.

Which Hoist Rings are Most Popular?
Far and away, we sell more Crosby HR-125 UNC Swivel Hoist Rings than any other model. Although they are not the cheapest, they are demanded by engineers all across the world. Like most hoist rings, they swivel a full 360º and pivot a full 180º. This functionality is superior to the way eye bolts work, because eye bolts do not bend or flex, and angular loads greatly reduce their capacity.

If you don't need Crosby, then we highly recommend you check out ADB, especially their Heavy-Duty Swivel Hoist Rings are really a tremendous value. They are forged from 4140 alloy steel, and each unit is serialized and features a black oxide finish.