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Rope / Cordage


Whether you need a short piece or an entire 600 ft spool, we are happy to service your rope needs. Many websites offer only pre-cut lengths of rope, or entire spool purchases. Because we buy rope in bulk, we will cut it to the length you desire (this applies to in-stock rope and some special orders only). We have many different types of rope in inventory. Choose from general purpose ropes like Manila and PolyDac (aka combo rope). We also offer a number of braided ropes for both climbing and rigging. Please Contact Us if you need assistance in choosing the right rope. Or, check out the handy Rope Selection Guide to the right to get the lowdown on different rope fibers.

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All of our popular climbing ropes have a breaking strength at or above 5,000 lbs. Diameter range from 3/8" – 5/8”, and while they are all braided there are several options for the type of braid. Check out two of our best movers, Pelican 1/2" 16-Strand Blue & White and Yale Cordage 1/2" XTC-12.

If you’re looking for a rigging / pulling rope, then you may want to consider a single braid or double braid. One of our most popular ropes here in logging country is Yale Cordage Ultrex, a single braid product with breaking strengths that surpass steel wire rope on a size-to-size basis. For general rigging and pulling, Yale Cordage Double Esterlon really is one of the very best choices. If you're on a budget, we also offer a very popular, uncoated Polyester Double Braid that often fits the bill for general rigging and pulling purposes.