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Cold Weather Gloves
It gets cold here in the Pacific Northwest, and even colder in other parts of the country. And if you work with your hands, you know it's important to keep them warm and safe. There is really no better glove to accomplish this than the Chilly Grip A311. It's an affordable glove that is very comfortable to wear and performs well in cold climates. Even better is the Chilly Grip H2O WATERPROOF glove, which is designed to be warm and 100% waterproof!

Gloves for Loggers
Logging is hard work, and real loggers need gloves that rise to the occasion. No glove has a better track record in the woods than the White-Ox #1016 Chore Glove with an elastic band to help keep retention. It's a durable, time-tested option. For those looking to save a few bucks (and hey, who isn't?) we also offer the Loggers Special Chore Glove, which is a solid performer that costs less. It is gaining in popularity with our logging customer base since 2014.

General Duty Gloves
If you're not concerned about cold weather or logging, and you just want a good all-purpose glove, it's hard to beat the well-known Mechanix Wear Glove. It offers premium wear-resistance and full dexterity. For quite a bit less, you can pick up a pair (or several pairs) of the Red Steer IronSkin 170. This glove fits well, wears well and looks great. The price is pretty much impossible to beat, and we believe this glove will only become more popular with time.