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When it comes to fall protection gear, we sell more FallTech product than any other brand. The reasons are pretty simple...good products, good prices! Our customers are comfortable with FallTech's quality control and their consistent delivery of above-average products at below-average prices.

Take their body harnesses for example. They have the very popular FallTech Contractor+ #7073B Harness that incorporates three D-Rings, padding and a waist belt for under $100! Or, a couple steps up from that is their FallTech Advanced ComforTech Gel #7081B Harness. This premium harness features full padding throughout, three D-Rings, full adjustability and heavy-duty materials that really hold up well to the elements.

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Aside from harnesses, FallTech makes great lanyards. For standard shock-absorbing lanyards, check out their 8240 ElasTech Lanyard or if you need 100% tie-off and larger hooks, you can check out the 8240Y3 ElasTech Lanyard. And for those that need immediate stoppage in the event of a slip or fall, FallTech makes great self retracting lifelines. Their 30 ft model, the 727630 Contractor Cable SRL, is a best-seller that stops your fall within 24" or less!