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Web Slings
Whether nylon or polyester, web slings are undoubtedly the most popular type of sling we sell, due in large part to their low cost. They come in many shapes and sizes, but the two most popular options are Liftex Pro-Edge Eye & Eye Slings and Endless Polyester Round Slings.

Alloy Chain Slings
We build a ton of alloy chain slings, primarily from Grade 100 chain and components. While they cost more than web slings, they are undeniably more durable, and there are several ways to build them. SGG Chain Slings are the most common type of single leg sling we build, while MGD-GBK GrabiQ Slings are perhaps the most popular double leg slings we build.

Wire Rope Slings
In between web slings and chain slings, especially in terms of price, are slings made from steel cable, also known as wire rope. Because we buy wire rope in bulk and we stock a variety of fittings, we can build slings on demand to your specifications. Eye & Eye Slings are extremely common single leg slings used for all kinds of lifting and pulling. We also offer multiple leg slings, such as Quad Leg Wire Rope Bridles. Slings like this are great for lifts with multiple pick points--we sell a lot of them into the excavation industry, especially for handling shoring.