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Wire Rope Clips

U-Bolt Style--The Most Common
Swaged wire rope fittings are superior to the use of wire rope clips, but in the field, this typically isn't an option. For that reason we sell a ton of wire rope clips, and the U-bolt style is the most popular. Available in light-duty malleable or heavy-duty forged designs, both imported and made in the U.S.A. The Crosby G-450 Clips are some of the best-known and most sought after, famous for their "Red U-Bolt". When users see the "Red U-Bolt", they quickly identify a high-quality Crosby product.

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Fist-Grips & Other Styles of Clips
Other styles of clips are also popular such as Crosby Fist-Grips. Instead of a U-bolt design, these clips work by securing two opposing saddles with nuts--the process is very similar to regular U-bolt clips. You can also check out the CM Mid-Grip Clips which work the same way.

We also stock other specialty clips, such as stainless steel clips and those designed for specific applications. Please ask for help if we can assist you in finding the right wire rope clip for your application.