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Swaged Wire Rope
Of all the wire rope we sell, Swaged Wire Rope is our biggest mover. Loggers use it in a variety of ways, including for skylines, guylines, drumlines, droplines and other applications too. It is a high-performance line that was built for rugged applications. It is made by swaging (compacting) regular wire rope into a smaller diameter. This increases the strength and the linear density (weigh per foot). Swaged wire rope is very smooth on the surface which reduces abrasion.

A newer product for us is Galvanized Super Swaged Wire Rope, which is very similar to regular swaged wire rope. The key differences are how dense the cable is, and the galvanized finish. This cable is ideal for commercial zip lines.

Of course we offer many other types of wire rope, including general purpose 6x19 strand, galvanized and stainless, and others as well. Please contact us if you need any assistance in choosing the proper wire rope for your application.

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